APLUS Retail Sales & Management System (RSMS)

APLUS Retail Sales & Management System (RSMS)  is a completely integrated "state-of-the-art" stock control, point of sales , payroll system and accounting system. It has been developed   for any point of sales environment that needs easy to use but completely integrated and powerful system. It is designed to maximise business efficiency through customer's care, stock optimisation and office administration. A complete business system which not only simplifies business administration but also increase profitability. You will find APLUS RSMS easy and quick to use. It is most user-friendly and advanced business accounting , human resource , stock management and point of sale system available. APLUS RSMS can cater for all your complex business accounting requirements.

Any type of bar code scanner auto sense / manual trigger or Handheld devices can be used with system. System caters for all types of bar code. It immediately updates the stock record, sales ledger, sales reports, on-line sales history, stock history and creditor ledger. System also provides following.

  • Sales Ledger
  • Creditor Ledger
  • Debtor Ledger
  • Point of sales
  • Stock Control
  • Stock Movement History
  • Credit Controls
  • Aged Debtors' Reports
  • Aged Creditors' Reports
  • Label Printing
  • Sales Analysis
  • Purchase Analysis
  • On-line Enquiries
  • GST/VAT Returns
  • Bank Statements
  • Trial Balance
  • Profit & Loss

Main Module

  1. Aplus General Ledger (WAE)
  2. Aplus Stock Control (WSKM)
  3. Aplus Points of Sales (WPSS)
  4. Aplus System / Data  Backup (Wabackup)

Optional Module

  1. Aplus Pos Sales Control System (WPSC)
  2. Aplus Payroll System
  3. Aplus Time-Management System
  4. Aplus Human Resource System
  5. Aplus Customer Relation System (WCRM)
  6. Aplus Purchase Order System (WPO)



You need no computer expertise to use APLUS SOFTWARE and we have designed it to be operational within a matter of minutes. This simplicity of operation is based on many years of man/machine interface expertise coupled with our business management and accounting knowledge. Moving the mouse over the command buttons on the APLUS SOFTWARE screen will highlight and display the function of those command buttons.

APLUS RSMS  can cater for an almost unlimited number of customers, suppliers and stock item records. This means that APLUS RSMS can handle any amount of data, restricted only by the size of your computer.

Why is APLUS SOFTWARE describes as being an Intelligent Business System
We call APLUS SOFTWARE 'intelligent' because it is self-checking and gives you positive guidance, correcting errors as you enter data, and preventing inadvertent entries. APLUS SOFTWARE gives you in-built security to protect the integrity of your data, which minimises the effort and expertise needed to operate the system, irrespective of the complexity of processing required. You are automatically warned when the any entry is not correct.

APLUS SOFTWARE Features include:

Date checking
The system checks all data entry for a valid financial year, date range and valid account codes. If dates are incorrect, the system prevents further entries and the user cannot proceed further before correcting the error.

Data Analysis
APLUS SOFTWARE uses it own analysis routines to give you a view of any data you wish to combine, such as previous sales and purchases histories. You simply pick the areas you want to see, and APLUS SOFTWARE interrelates the data and produces swift graphics, according to how you wish to see the data displayed. This instant statistical analysis provides a powerful decision support function. It automatically alerts the user to significant business events. These can include the highlighting of fast-moving stock items, slow moving stock items, defining customers in terms of their turnover and profitability for your business, sales analysis by area code, sales analysis by sales representative. This facility illuminates the details which often go undetected, for example where representatives are selling at low prices to favoured customers, where sales margins are suffering, or where particular representatives (or geographical areas) are failing to perform. It can take different views of the same data, perhaps looking at any specified period or combination of attributes.

Power and Speed
The system can cater for an almost unlimited amount of information, dependent only on the storage size of your computer. There is no restriction on the number of records held in the system, the number of customers, suppliers, stock items or any other data. On-line enquiries display instant up-to-date information on customers' and suppliers' history, regardless of the total number of records held within the system. Advanced searching algorithms ensure a fast response, however large the database.

Password Protection
All critical data is protected by passwords, and access to such information is prohibited for unauthorised users. Every user has a password, and passwords are linked not only to individuals but also to business functions, so that the system crosschecks and prevents an entry where a user attempts to 'borrow' passwords or attain entry to unauthorised functions.

Making your organisation more profitable
APLUS SOFTWARE is a system that can revolutionise the running of your organisation, because it is relevant to all levels and activities, and enables people to work together more efficiently. It integrates business functions and clarifies processes and relations. Managers can understand one another's jobs and concerntrate far more easily because APLUS SOFTWARE can analyse and illustrate problems in an easily understood format. This leads to a more secure, efficient and profitable environment.


Over the years, you have been running retail business very successfully. The art of retail management is not new to you, it is only the different way we look at it. The following compelling facts will give you the missing dimension perhaps worth giving attention to.

  1. The Overall volume of your business has grown exponentially. The items and the suppliers you have been dealing have grown in numbers. Day by day it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage it with the current method of running business.

  2. All your business partners have joined the technology bandwagon and they have changed their style of business. Even your customers are demanding the speed with which you need to respond and deliver. Tomorrow they will expect you to take orders on web and so on.

  3. The use of Computers, Bar Code readers/printers/scanner enabled software will only simplify your business needs and will help you sustain your current leadership status.

  4. Aplus RSMS lets you computerized from day one without delay of keying in Bulky data and moreover you donít need to use separate software for accounting and inventory purposes, making it a perfect point-of-sale solution.

Main Features

Simple & Intuitive:

  1. Aplus RSMS is so simple to use that even a novice without any commercial background can operate it. No previous knowledge of computer is needed to use this package. Takes care of all your day to day invoicing, accounting and inventory functions with great ease.
  2. Automated Entry:
    You need not bother about which account has to be debited or credited since the system automatically takes care of :
  3. Debit & Credit Voucher
  4. Cash / Journal Voucher(VJ)
  5. Contra Entries & Transfer Voucher
  6. Sales & Purchase
  7. Debit Note &Credit Note
  8. Also you need not worry about Accounting codes / Serial no of voucher etc. since the system auto-generates the same.

Day Books:

The system does online posting to respective account and thereby provides up to date Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable and Trial Balance every time.

Purchase Sales Accounts Personnel
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Entry
  • Creditorís Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Point of Sales
  • Schemes & Gift Vouchers
  • Cash & Bank Book
  • General Ledger
  • Adjust Payment Against Bills
  • Age Analysis
  • Journal Voucher Register
  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit & Loss
  • Payroll
  • Time-Management
  • Human Resource


  1. Barcoding of your products in user defined format.Allows you to scan barcode of different type(i.e. system generated,mrf. Barcode,product code etc.) and lets you save on barcode printing for the products having manufacturer barcode.
  2. Stock Ledger / Stock Card
  3. Stock movement statement: Online stock information of selected products for chosen location.
  4. Online stock status with P.O generation to preferred vendor for multiple items
  5. Stock Taking :Allow you to tally your physical stock with computer stock and lets you update your purchase/sale/stock data,intelligently and with ease.

Future Ready:

The system is barcode enabled,thereby allowing you to recall all your products with speed and ease.It has an inbuilt browser for surfing.It supports many other input/output devices.

User Interface

  1. Very Easy to Use
  2. Totally Menu Driven, with Keyboard Shortcuts for frequently used forms
  3. Multi-User
  4. All reports for specified period selected using calender
  5. Simplified Edit / Delete using Mouse Right Button
  6. Data view in tabular form to check the correctness of entries made
  7. Zoom to Voucher Direct from Trial Balance just by Double clicking the mouse button
  8. Users manual with Online Support and email support
  9. Updates available from website

Data Management

  1. Data Import and Export Facility
  2. Excellent Data Management
  3. Simplified data back-up,auto back-up on daily basis.
  4. User level/Form level screen access for improved security
  5. Scalable : available with MS-SQL Version


  1. Excellent quality of output for Reports
  2. All reports can be previewed, printed, exported to Excel/Word etc. or can be faxed or emailed
  3. On Line Trial Balance and Balance sheet at the click of a button
  4. On-line & Batch mode voucher & cheque printing
  5. Bank Reconciliation report as per the book keeping rules
  6. DOS/Fast Printing for Voucher